who we are

Who Cares?

Being a father of four kids and playing a big influential part in their lives. I would run into their friends and would hear them say things like,"wish somebody cared about me like your dad does." So too often I would find myself telling them that someone does care about you. I care. 

Why we do What we do.

Every since I was of age I've tried to help people. When my life wasn't as I like to say so normal. I would like my mother would say,"my means might have been bad but my intentions are always good.' So we've always found a way to give back.


From passing out school supplies, giving out gifts for Xmas, feeding those who are hungry. My goal is to not just say we want to make a difference. Make a difference. So with everything I've learned and been taught. I and the people who makes all this possible are doing just that.